Why siphon coffee makers brew the best-tasting coffee

Syphon coffee makers are considered a ‘barista’s secret’, known for brewing the world’s finest coffee. Unlike other brewing methods, syphon coffee making is highly immersive, intricate, and appealing.

Unlike coffee brewing with standard machines, the experience of brewing coffee with balancing syphons is both entertaining and sensuous, engaging your sight, sounds, scent, touch, and taste. The result is a luxurious cup of coffee often described as “tea-like” in its delicate texture and exquisite taste. Read on to learn more about why syphon coffee brewing makes the best-tasting coffee.

Standard coffee makers vs. syphon coffee makers

Standard coffee maker

A standard coffee maker produces decent drip coffee with the simple press of a button. While the specific machines differ slightly from one another, standard electric coffee makers typically use conical filters positioned above a pot. To operate the machine, the brewer places a paper filter with ground coffee and triggers the brewing process with the start button. The boiling water mixes with the coffee and filters through to the glass below.

For single-cup drippers, a medium grind size is optimal (around the coarseness of sea salt). Larger servings will require slightly larger grind sizes. The paper filter used in standard coffee makers results in a clarified texture.

This brewing method is easy, fast, and convenient, making it suitable for travelers, minimalists, or those who lead a busy lifestyle.

By avoiding boiling the coffee grinds, syphons coffee results in a superior taste

On the other hand, syphon coffee brewing was originally invented in the 1840s as a way to avoid boiling the coffee beans. At the time, coffee brewers observed that boiling coffee grinds results in a bitter, burnt, or scorched taste.

Unlike a standard coffee machine, the syphon coffee-making process requires a much more hands-on involvement from the brewer, as it takes effort and calculation to get the technical process just right.

The ideal grind size for coffee syphon brewing is the size of table salt.

As syphon brewing is the most sophisticated and involved brewing method, it is best suited for coffee aficionados, craft hobbyists, and those who love to live well.

How syphon coffee makers work

The syphon brewing method uses immersion, vacuum pressure, and fire to make coffee.

Syphon coffee maker

To make syphon coffee, the brewer pours water into the bottom flask of the syphon machine, usually made of glass. A flame boils the water until it is pushed upwards to the upper flask. Once the water reaches the right temperature, the brewer adds coffee grounds to the hot water. After stirring, the brewer extinguishes the flame. The change of pressure and force of gravity then vacuums the coffee downwards through the filter to the bottom flask. This method produces a superior taste that avoids boiling the coffee, which is why syphon coffee makers are widely celebrated for brewing some of the best, purest coffee.

Balancing syphons are the next evolution of coffee syphons

Balancing syphons share the same qualities as syphon coffee makers, with a few key differences. While syphon coffee makers position two flasks vertically on top of one another, balancing syphons position the flasks side by side, using a counterpoise to balance them.

Balancing syphons evolved from a rich history of syphon brewing which began in the 1840s across Europe. The 1842 Bastien patent was one of the earliest balancing syphon models. Read our previous blog post to learn more about the rich history of how balancing syphons were invented.

Produced after more than three years of research and development, the Royal Paris Coffee Machine uses this balancing syphon coffee technology, where every minute process is an exact science and every coffee made is of the highest quality.

How balancing syphon coffee makers work

The Royal Paris balancing syphon coffee machine – Modern Collection

The brewing process of balancing syphons also differs from that of syphon coffee. For this process, the brewer spoons premium ground coffee into the fine Baccarat crystal carafe glass then pours hot filtered water into the boiler pot. The brewer then lights the Baccarat burner vase, triggering the fully automated system. The water moves through the handmade pipet to join the coffee, where the coffee is brewed with extended contact with the water.

This combination is maintained at precisely the right brewing temperature. By the time the boiling water mixes with the coffee, it has already cooled a few degrees, allowing it to extract the oils and desired flavours without producing a burned or scorched taste. The coffee is then separated from the grounds, which remain in the glass carafe thanks to the gold filter. The brewer then turns the vase handle to pour out the coffee.

Balancing syphon coffee making is an immersive awakening of the senses

The unique brewing method used by the Royal Coffee Maker is widely considered to be superior to other brewing processes. With no artificial filters or materials involved, the taste of the coffee remains pure and untainted by ‘paper flavours’, which can dilute the aromatic oils found in different strains of coffee. The result is a ‘crystal clear’ coffee with no bitterness.

The artistic brewing ceremony using balancing syphons is the ultimate statement of elegance that will help you create memorable experiences that will leave a mark in your mind. Enjoy the experience of balancing syphon brewing for an immersive awakening of your senses.