Luxury Gifts to Delight Your Loved One This Christmas

Are you looking for a truly decadent coffee maker to gift to your loved one this Christmas? Royal Paris can be what you’re looking for.


Famed for its quality, Royal Paris coffee machines are also known as the most expensive coffee maker in the world. Only eight machines are created per month by our Parisian artist Jean-Luc Rieutort after countless hours of artisanal craftsmanship. Steeped in a history of innovation dating back to the first half of the 19th century, this balancing syphon technology has been refined over the years and operates automatically without electricity, using the forces of nature. Finished with incredible detailing with glasswork exquisitely crafted by Baccarat, the 24K gold-plated units sit on an expertly crafted semi-precious base. A Royal Paris coffee maker is a unique luxury gift that can be passed through families for generations.


What makes Royal Paris the best coffee machine in the world?

The precise balancing syphon technology is designed such that as boiling water moves through the handcrafted pipet, it has already cooled a few degrees before making contact with the grounds. The result is that coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to extract the delicate oils and intricate flavours of the coffee beans. The water never gets too hot as to leave a ‘scorched’ taste in the coffee.


The elegance of this process is achieved by precisely maintaining the correct brewing temperature, after which the coffee is immediately separated from the bitter grounds. The grounds remain in the glass carafe and are captured by the gold filter. The result is coffee like no other.


These coffee collections are truly exquisite and original holiday luxury gifts for those who love to experience the finest things in life. 


Coffee machine collections

Perfect for Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts, the collections come in four styles: Versailles, Avant-garde, Modern, and Classic.



The Versailles Collection is Royal Paris’ most ornate unit. This collection is made with a hand-painted Baccarat glass, a jewellery-finish in gold, bi-colour, or silver, a matching scoop, and a semi-precious stone base in malachite, lapis lazuli, or black obsidian. The Versailles Collection is the perfect companion to the artistic coffee brewing ceremony. Known as a most unusual work of ‘functional art,’ this collection creates coffee of rare clarity and purity that will inspire and delight your guests for the years to come. 



The Avant-Garde Collection uses a contemporary style for its high-quality machine. It comes with a decorative cut Baccarat glass, a jewellery-finish in gold, bi-colour, or silver, a matching scoop, and a semi-precious stone base in malachite, lapis lazuli, or black obsidian. This captivating coffee maker will mesmerize guests at your Christmas dinner parties and holiday gatherings.



This Classic Collection is the ultimate statement of elegance. As the result of countless hours of artisanal craftsmanship, this “Royal” is finished with incredible detailing. The base is square in shape and is made of varnished wood. This is a unique luxury heirloom that will be passed through families for generations.



The Modern Collection uses a lavish style updated with a fresher look. The unit comes with a wood base and heat-resistant glass. This aesthetic adds a striking Neo-classical element to the after-dinner coffee ceremony and is a stunning centrepiece in contemporary dining interiors. With the attention lavished on each piece, this collection holds bold statement appeal. 


With these four collections, you can elevate any living space and make an impressive showpiece in every dining room. As a decadent gift, our coffee machines will be sure to have your special someone enthralled until the New Year's ball drops. It is the perfect luxury gift idea for a die-hard coffee connoisseur or one who seems to have it all.

Looking for holiday coffee drinks to serve at your Christmas dinner party using your Royal? Check out these Royal Paris coffee recipes and browse our coffee collections to celebrate the season!