The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers Who Appreciate Real Luxury

Are you looking for a truly over-the-top coffee maker to gift this year? 

Royal Paris coffee machines are the perfect gift for every coffee lover. Each coffee maker is plated with rare metals and is fitted with a beautiful Baccarat crystal and semi-precious stone base, meticulously built to achieve jewellery-class finishes.  

These features make Royal Paris coffee makers the most expensive in the world and the ultimate unique gift. 

A coffee maker fit for kings and queens 

The decadence of a Royal Paris coffee machine lives up to its name ‘Royal’ and ‘Paris’. The balancing syphon coffee brewing technology has a long history dating back to the first half of the 19th century.  

The story goes that in the late 1850s, Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, commissioned a famous Parisian goldsmith to supply him with a luxuriously adorned balancing syphon coffee brewer. Along with his beautiful young Empress Elisabeth, Emperor Franz Josef hosted a royal banquet at his summer palace, inviting all the courts of Europe.  

A coffee maker with a royal lineage.

To celebrate, the emperor amazed his guests with the goldsmith’s stunning balancing syphon machine that used the forces of nature, gravity,  vacuum and pressure to brew a magnificent coffee. The guests were blown away by an imperial after-dinner ceremony that they would talk about for the years to come.

Royal Paris re-creates this iconic coffee maker and pays homage to this royal history of coffee brewing.  

Today, Royal Paris is famed for its quality. The machines are used in the most exclusive hotels as well as in the private homes of today's elites. This makes the Royal Coffee Maker a unique gift for coffee lovers.  

Parisian heritage 

Royal Paris has a strong heritage of Parisian craftsmanship. With its exquisite design, French artist Monsieur Jean-Luc Rieutort has truly created a masterpiece. Each machine is handmade and numbered by Rieutort himself, who crafts brass parts such as the gargoyle, counterweight, oak leaves, and finials by using  the age-old methods of casting. He also employs the traditional lost-wax method known as cire perdue, where more than five hours are spent on the spigot’s unique ‘chasing dolphins’ closing system alone.  

The glasswork is exquisitely crafted by Baccarat – a brand known for creating the finest crystals in the world, with a history of more than two hundred years in France. 

Over 50 hours of laborious craftsmanship goes into each machine, meaning that only eight machines are made each month in Paris. This makes the collections extremely limited.  

A decadent gift to indulge your special someone 

This decadent gift will be sure to delight your special someone. Whether they are a coffee connoisseur practiced in the art of balancing syphon coffee brewing or someone who simply enjoys the finer things in life, a Royal Paris coffee machine is a gift to be savoured.  

The Royal Paris coffee maker is a true objets d’art that will help your cherished giftee enhance the presentation of their after-dinner coffee ceremony. As a fascinating addition to the dining experience, the coffee brewing process can be enjoyed privately as a special indulgence or as a magnificent spectacle for dinner party guests that will impress even the most discerning people on the list.  

Coffee machine collections 

The Royal Paris coffee machine comes in four styles: Versailles, Avant-garde, Classic, and Modern.



The Versailles Collection is the perfect companion to the artistic coffee brewing ceremony, made for those that appreciate the finest works of art, home furnishings, and fashion. They will be fascinated by this most unusual work of “functional art”. This collection is adorned with custom-made Baccarat glass and a precious stone base in malachite, lapis lazuli, or black obsidian.   



The Avant-Garde Collection is a captivating coffee maker that will leave a memorable impression at dinner parties and events. This balancing syphon is a luxury accoutrement that will make an impressive showpiece in any dining room. The base has rounded corners and is also available in three exquisite materials.  



This Classic Collection is the ultimate statement of elegance. As the result of countless hours of artisanal craftsmanship, this “Royal” is finished with incredible detailing. The base is square in shape and is made of varnished wood. This is a unique luxury gift that will be passed through families for generations. 




The Modern Collection adds a striking Neo-classical element to the after-dinner coffee ceremony. The design is an ideal complement to contemporary dining interiors. With the attention lavished on each piece, this collection holds statement appeal. The base is rectangular and is made of wood. It is a truly exquisite and original luxury gift for those who seem to have everything.

Coffee Collections 

In addition to coffee makers, Royal Paris also specializes in luxury coffee gift sets. These are unique gifts that can be used in a balancing syphon coffee machine or a regular coffee brewer. 

Black Ivory Coffee


Indulge in Black Ivory Coffee – made for first timers who are curious to try the world’s rarest coffee naturally refined by elephants. The taste, distinctiveness, and knowledge that you are supporting elephants and their caregivers makes this a very special treat. 

Kopi Luwak Coffee 

This authentic Kopi Luwak comes from the Indonesian island of Java and Sumatra – famed for its luxurious coffee. The coffee beans are partially digested by Asian palm civets – and this strange method of collecting makes Kopi Luwak rare and highly prized around the world. 

The resulting coffee is like no other – with a rich, heavy flavor, the beans are accented with hints of caramel and chocolate. Earthy, musty, and exotic, Kopi Luwak comes out with a syrupy consistency. 

Give the perfect gift with Royal Paris 

Are you ready to indulge your special someone? Royal Paris is the ultimate gift idea you’ve been waiting for. Our coffee maker and coffee collections are an ideal birthday gift, anniversary gift, or Christmas gift for those who deserve nothing less than the very best.