Exotic Coffee Collection
This unique Paradise Gourmet Coffee Gift Set is an exotic collection of the rarest and most delicious coffees on earth – made for true coffee lovers. Each coffee is grown exclusively in a specific area and has a distinctly unique taste. Each pack comes in a special black tube decorated with a gold foil stamping of mystical characters inspired by the distinctive culture of the coffee’s origins. This gift set has won number design awards including the RedDot Communication Design Award (Germany), Pentawards (Belgium), The Dieline (USA), and Hiiibrand (China). Order includes: • 6 x 50g packs of the rarest and most delicious coffees: Yemen Mocha, Nepal Everest, Indonesia Kopi Luwak, Haiwaii Kona, Ecuador Galapagos, and Jamaica Blue Mountain • Gift set packaged in a linden wooden gift box
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