How to brew the best coffee with the Royal Paris coffee machine

Brewing coffee with the Royal Paris coffee machine is an artistic ceremony that results in a divine cup of coffee of superior taste. This fine taste is achieved by proper use of the machine.

With Royal Paris coffee machine, the coffee is brewed by extended contact with water, maintained at precisely the correct brewing temperature. Once this water temperature is reached, the coffee is immediately separated from the bitter grounds - which remains in the glass carafe with a gold filter. Through its automatic brewing mechanism perfected over many years, the water in the coffee syphon never reaches a boiling temperature when interacting with the grounds. This process results in a luxurious flavour that is bound to dazzle and delight your guests.

Unlike other methods, the balancing syphon brewing process is intricate, intriguing, and theatrical. Remember that practice makes perfect! Learn to master this process with your Royal Paris coffee machine by following this step-by-step guide:

Step One: Prepare your coffee ingredients

Add three to four scoops of premium dark roasted medium ground coffee into the glass. For the best results, grind the coffee beans shortly before use to a medium coarseness – or the texture of beach sand. Remember always to use fresh coffee or tea.

For a divine-tasting cup of coffee that awakens your senses, use high-quality coffee grounds from our curated collections:

  • The Black Ivory Coffee Collection is made for first-timers curious to try the world’s rarest coffee naturally refined by elephants. The taste, distinctiveness, and knowledge that you support elephants and their caregivers make this a luxurious treat for you and your guests.
  • The Kopi Luwak Collection comes from the Indonesian island of Java and Sumatra – famed for its luxurious coffee. The coffee beans are partially digested by Asian palm civets. The resulting coffee is like no other – with a rich, heavy flavour, the beans are accented with hints of caramel and chocolate.
  • The Grand Moka Matari Coffee Collection sets you on a heavenly tour of the senses. Bacha Coffee’s harvested in Yemen are dry processed. The harvests offer a bright acidity and sweet flavour that feature notes of apricot, dark chocolate, and dates. Hints of caramel and spice give this unique coffee a delectable finish.
  • The Paradise Gourmet Coffee Collection offers an exotic collection of the rarest and most delicious coffees on earth – made for true coffee lovers. Each coffee pack is grown exclusively in a specific area with a unique taste and is decorated with a gold foil stamping of mystical characters inspired by the culture of the coffee’s origins.

For additional flavours, you can add liquor, syrup, and spices to the coffee grounds or tea leaves.

  • 1 pint of water with 2 ounces of coffee will make 4 demi-tasses.
  • 1 quart of water with 3 to 4 ounces of coffee will make 8 demi-tasses.
  • Remember not to use the grounds or tea leaves more than once, as this will result in lacklustre coffee or tea.
Step two: Fill the kettle

Ensure the spigot is closed before filling the kettle. Take off the kettle top and fill it with 1 quart of boiling water. This will cause the balancing syphon mechanism to lower.

Put the kettle top back on and tighten it until you feel a slight resistance – avoid using too much force. Once all the connections are airtight, move the coffee syphon burner under the kettle.

Step three: Prepare the burner

Open the burner cap by pushing down on the counterweight of the balance. This will cause the kettle to lift through the counterweight. Open the burner cap and lower the kettle. The burner cap will rest on the back of the kettle.

Step four: Light the burner

With a match or lighter, light the burner.

Do not move the coffee machine while the burner is lit. Remember never to let your burner run dry, as this will interrupt the coffee-making process and affect the quality of your brew.

Step five: Brew your coffee

Your coffee will begin to brew automatically. As the water approaches boiling point, the vapour pressure will push the water from the kettle into the glass, mixing with the coffee or tea.

The balance mechanism will lift the empty kettle, which will automatically and safely extinguish the burner flame.

After it cools, the drawdown will begin. The vacuum created will draw the coffee or tea back into the kettle through the gold filter at the end of the flow pipe. The coffee grounds or tea leaves will remain in the glass.

Wait until the entire process is complete before opening the tap.

Step six: Release the vacuum

Release the pressure in the machine by loosening the finial at the top of the kettle.

Step seven: Enjoy!


Place a demi-tasse cup under the spigot and gently turn the spigot handle to pour out your coffee. Enjoy!

The balancing syphon brewing method is a fine art that can be perfected through practice. Practice brewing coffee for your family or close friends before serving others at a dinner party. Once you have mastered this process, you are ready to present your coffee-making ceremony in front of your distinguished guests to ignite a symphony of magic and taste.