Royal Paris Coffee Recipes for the Holidays

Elevate every moment and celebrate life at the highest level with the world's most exquisite coffee machine. 

This Christmas, delight your friends and family with these holiday coffee recipes. 

Royal Paris holiday coffee recipes

Chocolate Mocha Winter Delight

This recipe blends the rich flavours of chocolate with the fruity accents of cherry and orange syrup, making for a rich and delightful cup.  

You will need:  

3 oz. premium dark roasted medium ground coffee 

1 oz. chocolate syrup 

1 oz. cherry syrup 

½ oz. grand orange syrup 

3 Tbsp milk (this can be added at step one or step seven) 


Bailey’s Creme de Cacao 

This is a fun holiday twist on Irish coffee! The cremé de cacao enriches the drink with a delightful body that is warm and comforting. 

You will need:  

3 oz. premium dark roast medium ground coffee 

1 oz. Bailey’s original Irish cream 

1 oz. creme de cacao 

1 Tbsp Frangelico 


Spiced Christmas Coffee

This magic Christmas drink is a special spiced brew that is bound to light up your guests faces. Give it a try!  

3 oz. premium dark roast medium ground coffee 

1 tsp ground cardamom 

1 tsp ground nutmeg 

1 tsp ground cinnamon 

1 Tbsp brown sugar 

Milk (this can be added at step one or step seven) 


Coffee Cinnamon Swirl  

This will satisfy any cinnamon lover’s fondness for spice. Creamy, smooth, and spicy, this recipe is a fiery after-dinner drink. 

1 tsp ground star anise pods 

1 tsp allspice  

3 freshly ground cinnamon sticks 

1 tsp vanilla bean  


Seasonal Rum-Brandy Tea 

This recipe uses black tea in lieu of coffee beans! When mixed with rum and brandy, this delicate tea develops a deeper flavour perfect for the holiday season.  

3 Tbsp black tea (pre-soak the tea in the glass for a few minutes with a small amount of hot water) 

1 oz. rum 

1 oz. brandy 


Brewing instructions for holiday coffee with a Royal Paris coffee machine

To use these recipes, add the ingredients in step one outlined below.  

Step One: Prepare your coffee ingredients 

Begin by placing three to four scoops of premium dark roasted medium ground coffee into the left glass syphon. Remember to grind the fresh coffee beans to a medium size shortly before use – this should be the texture of beach sand. Always use fresh coffee for optimal results.  

After preparing your ingredients, add the liquor, syrup, and spices from the recipes above to the coffee grounds in the glass syphon.  


Note that to use these recipes, you should slightly reduce the appropriate amount of water outlined below when adding liqueurs or syrups to the coffee grounds. This will prevent the brewed coffee from overfilling the kettle.  

Quantity Guide 

1 pint of water with 2 ounces of coffee will make 4 demi-tasses 

1 quart of water with 3 to 4 ounces of coffee will make 8 demi-tasses 


Step two: Fill the kettle 

Next, make sure that the spigot is closed before adding water to the kettle. Remove the kettle top and fill it with 1 quart of boiling water. This will activate the balancing syphon mechanism, where the right syphon will begin to drop. 

Replace kettle top back on and gently tighten it until there is a slight resistance. Once the mechanisms are sealed airtight, place the burner under the kettle. 


Step three: Prepare the burner 

Push down on the counterweight of the balance to open the cap of the burner. The kettle will then lift via the counterweight. Open the burner cap and lower the kettle. The burner cap will rest on the back of the kettle.   


Step four: Light the burner 

Use a match or lighter to light the burner. Remember not to move the coffee machine while the burner is lit for maximum safety. You should also never let your burner run dry, as this will disrupt the brewing process and degrade the quality of your brew.  


Step five: Brew your coffee 

Your coffee will begin to brew automatically. As the water comes close to boiling point, the vapour pressure will push the water from the kettle into the glass, mixing with the coffee.  

The balance mechanism will lift the empty kettle, which will automatically put out the flame from the burner. 

After the machine cools, the vacuum created will draw the coffee back into the kettle through the gold filter placed at the end of the flow pipe. The coffee grounds will remain in the glass. 

Wait until the entire process is complete before opening the tap. 


Step six: Release the vacuum 

Release the pressure in the machine by loosening the finial at the top of the kettle. 


Step seven: Indulge in holiday coffee with Royal Paris 

Place a demi-tasse cup under the spigot and gently turn the spigot handle to pour out your coffee.  


Enjoy these special Royal Paris recipes this holiday season as a magnificent after-dinner ceremony to celebrate with your friends and family.